Monday, 27 April 2015

The Lake

I thought that I should Blog that we have a host of ducklings at the moment - that are extremely pretty - plus a pair of tufted ducks are visiting.  They generally don't stay long, but make a nice change.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


I try so hard to do a blog every month and just sometimes seem to run out of ideas or time - and here we are nearly St George's day and we have had a beautiful April - so sunny, yet cold at night.  I have flowers in the garden that I have put on my Facebook page, so I thought since my pup is now a year old (!) - so where did that time go? - and still spends most of his time with something in his mouth.  As he is definitely part of New House Farm - he deserves a mention.  Here he is in the back garden with a hide ring!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

March 2015

Its a really lovely day - a little grey to start with, but now the sun has broken through and my geese have started laying.  About time too!
I was thinking this morning, and remembering, all of the calves and cattle that I have reared, we have reared, their offspring and how very fond I have been - on most occasions - of these large beasts.  Now we have no cattle here at all now, which is sad but we could no longer afford to do it.  I miss the very smell of them.  But on a happier note, some people can afford these magnificent creatures - picture shows a beautiful Long Horn.  We have sheep here at the moment, with their large lambs, and every evening there is a showing off period when these lambs gang together and race as fast as they can all over the place!!

Monday, 16 February 2015

February 2015

I have missed my usual January blog - but really it was not a good month, except Burns night was fun, but we have had these dreadful colds, which lurk with you for weeks.....  Very Boring.... But now, February.  I went for a walk yesterday afternoon, it was so nice along the River Asker.  Spring is making a push and birds were calling for partners, the magpies were in their messy nests already, and flowers thrusting forward. Lots of celandines, lots of snowdrops, in clumps along the river bank and also primroses.  Spring feels early...  The nest box has occupants already - not the blue tits we had hoped for, but Mr and Mrs Sparrow....  All very pleasant for the half-term break.

Thursday, 11 December 2014


Getting close to Christmas now - and I can feel a little panic collecting in my tum - as lots of jobs still not done - but on a positive note all the Christmas wreaths (except 1) have been done - loads of them with loads of help raising funds of over £1k for prostate cancer.  My outside decs are up and glowing in the the dark, we still have to complete indoors - but bedrooms are being painted so it will all happen next week.  Lovely bright weekend just gone - so a photo of Mangerton Lake in December attached.  Happy Christmas one and all.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Late Autumn

November - and its remarkably warm.  Russ and I went for a lovely walk yesterday along the banks of the River Asker which have been made up for walkers and cyclists.  We met so many people we knew - because it was such a lovely warm day.  This walk takes us past a tiny hump back bridge - called Happy Island.  And it is - there were loads of children playing.  A bit cloudier today - but still warm enough for me to get out in the garden and plant some mixed leaf lettuce in the polytunnel.  I am attaching a photo taken by a friend who stayed a month or so ago - its a yellow wagtail.  Brilliant photography.

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Well we've had a bit of rain here!  Following a completely dry September its been raining.  Russ and I have just come back from a little walk across the fields.  He's had a lovely time!  We've had some pheasant poults reared here this year, but their keeper was a little enthusiastic about keeping the grass down outside their pen, and managed to strim a hole (very small) in their enclosure.  Naturally,  all managed to escape!!  Bit like Chicken Run.  The keeper went out and purchased 90 more, and we are blessed with lots of pheasants roaming around. Something for the pup to chase!  But on a different note, last night as we walked round the lake I saw a water vole.  They are surprisingly large!  This is the first year I have ever seen them.  I have robbed a picture from the net to accompany this piece.