Thursday, 11 December 2014


Getting close to Christmas now - and I can feel a little panic collecting in my tum - as lots of jobs still not done - but on a positive note all the Christmas wreaths (except 1) have been done - loads of them with loads of help raising funds of over £1k for prostate cancer.  My outside decs are up and glowing in the the dark, we still have to complete indoors - but bedrooms are being painted so it will all happen next week.  Lovely bright weekend just gone - so a photo of Mangerton Lake in December attached.  Happy Christmas one and all.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Late Autumn

November - and its remarkably warm.  Russ and I went for a lovely walk yesterday along the banks of the River Asker which have been made up for walkers and cyclists.  We met so many people we knew - because it was such a lovely warm day.  This walk takes us past a tiny hump back bridge - called Happy Island.  And it is - there were loads of children playing.  A bit cloudier today - but still warm enough for me to get out in the garden and plant some mixed leaf lettuce in the polytunnel.  I am attaching a photo taken by a friend who stayed a month or so ago - its a yellow wagtail.  Brilliant photography.

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Well we've had a bit of rain here!  Following a completely dry September its been raining.  Russ and I have just come back from a little walk across the fields.  He's had a lovely time!  We've had some pheasant poults reared here this year, but their keeper was a little enthusiastic about keeping the grass down outside their pen, and managed to strim a hole (very small) in their enclosure.  Naturally,  all managed to escape!!  Bit like Chicken Run.  The keeper went out and purchased 90 more, and we are blessed with lots of pheasants roaming around. Something for the pup to chase!  But on a different note, last night as we walked round the lake I saw a water vole.  They are surprisingly large!  This is the first year I have ever seen them.  I have robbed a picture from the net to accompany this piece.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Beginning of Autumn

Wow, what a busy summer we have had, and its still busy.  An absolutely beautiful day - and the farmer and I have been to the ploughing and hedging match a few miles away.  I still have the smell of soil in my nose.  It was held at Netherbury - a stunning village, and the views were magnificent.  It took a long time to walk from one end to the other - as there were so many people we knew and had lots of little chats.  I am comfortably weary now, and must do a little gardening.  The farmer is going to barbecue some pork.  What a pleasant end to September

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mid August

Where is August going??  I am sat here waiting for new guests to arrive.  The sunshine is streaming through the windows - but we've just had a little shower.  The garden has been producing really well, so I have made plum jam, piccallili, apple and marrow chutney, beetroots are wonderful, and the runner beans are now really meaning it....  The cucumbers have been so prolific that The Farmer has to eat at least one a day.  The courgettes keep trying to become marrows when my back is turned, hence the chutney...  I am now clearing the fruit cage - as new plans for next year.  Melplash Show on Thursday, and I have been making loads of apple cakes for the honey tent.  Its all go!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Late July

The year is rushing through, but we are having an absolutely beautiful summer.  I have taken the pup out for a walk across the meadows this evening - now its a bit cooler.  The farmer on the hill is loading his small trailer with small bales - in the old fashion way!  When I was a child we used to drag in friends and family to load the bales - but this man was just on his own, working his way through 30 acres...  One or two things spotted. It always heartens me to see the kingfisher, that flash of blue is so beautiful.  I also saw a common sandpiper shooting across the lake.  The martins and swallows were very lively this evening.  Several clouds of small fry in the lake whizzing about.  Its all action!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

This is Seatown, which is a beautiful little bit of Dorset.  This week I met up with friends and we walked from Chideock a short step down to the beach.  It was a beautiful day - in fact a perfect day.  The Anchor at Seatown has recently had a make over, and vast amounts of money have been spent enhancing the sitting area outside and more.  We spent a lovely few hours in the sunshine, watching people in the sea, and on the beach.  It was lovely.  This picture is how the pub was before the revamp, you will have to visit to see what it looks like now.