Monday, 18 April 2011

Spril 2011

We have been thrown immediately into Spring this year.  The days are hot and the evenings cool - but Dorset is very beautiful, well worth a visit. 
So, what has been happening this April with the lead up to Easter and the Royal Wedding.
We have been relatively busy with guests, which is very nice.  Easter is fully booked.  The lake is very busy this week - as the schools are off, but to be honest, today it is full of grown-ups! 
The fish have been coming out quite well, and we have some very nice photos on the web site. 
The cuckoo has been heard across the valley - sadly not by me. 
We have lots of butterflies - orange tips, brimstone, tortoiseshell, peacocks and the odd cabbage white fluttering about.  A poor slow worm had met its demise on the farm track.  The swallows have been here a while and are dipping across the water.
The birds have started nesting.
The geese have been laying and my friend let me have 8 eggs last month.  Sadly, they have not hatched, so am feeling very disappointed, especially as The Farmer (husband) always says just go out and buy, doesn't know why I bother.  Makes it all go flat.
Lots happening in Bridport this month, Easter egg hunts for the children,  beautiful gardens open, my son went swimming yesterday - yes I thought it was too cold, but obviously not....
Am now going to get on with the garden - sweetpeas in today, some more lettuce into the polytunnel, main potatoes in today I think too.  Lots to do, and think about.
A more interesting blog will appear soon - once I have given it more thought!