Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bridport Rugby Tour

Its been a quiet weekend - insofar as the boys have gone off to the Isle of Wight on a rugby tour.  Bridport lost - but someone has to.  I have been left, manning the fort.  Had delightful guests who have been down to Charmouth fossicking.  I think they had quite a success, as requested breakfast at 7.30am and then went back again!  I am  picking my time to dash down and feed the geese - as we keep having April showers; but all in all, with the beautiful blossoms its been very nice.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Golden Cap

I have been rambling lyrically about walking from Charmouth, across Stonebarrow, down to St Gabriels chapel ruins then up to Golden Cap.  Somewhere in the depths of hyperspace my little blog has disappeared.  But just to say a lovely spring walk in Dorset along part of the Jurassic Coast can be the cure for all ills.  Nothing better than a time for reflection, a collection of thoughts and a fantastic view!