Tuesday, 6 December 2011

December 2011

Winter and Christmas is fast approaching!  The Christmas lights are up - and very pretty!  We have had a wonderful autumn - so mild, and I am still picking autumn raspberries, the odd tomato from the greenhouse and peppers!  The garden is keeping us going, and we survive on lots of vegetable soups.  But now we have had a couple of frosts - but the bedroom window remains open at night!!
So news - and what is happening here at New House Farm.  We have probably now finished with guests for this year - we close for Christmas - but there is still a weekend ahead.
Lots of craft fairs and carol services.  Santa seems to be getting everywhere - no wonder he needs 11 months to get over the events.  I see Bridport does a Ghost Walk at 7.30pm on the 13th - by candlelight... 
On Boxing Day we have the West Bay Wallow - an annual event - swimmers take off, generally in fancy dress, and swim off East Beach.  We always seem to get down there - and cheer them on, and cheer them back - remarkable how blue they get!!!  Our youngest has always said he will be doing it - but no where to be found on the day!  We usually cycle to West Bay then return via most of the hosteries - I need my bike to lean on....
Lots going on for Christmas so let me just wish my readers all the best for the season, and a prosperous New Year.