Wednesday, 18 April 2012

MARCH 2012

A quick update on to what is happening here in the depths of Dorset.  Spring is fast approaching.  The lake now croaks in the morning, and little splashes tell me the frogs/toads are about.  The ducks are getting possessive.  The Canada geese are here in high numbers.  The dafs are all nodding.  The primroses clustering over the banks.  The thrush is belting it out every morning.  My hens are laying so well.  My geese have started to lay now too, so a quiche is in the oven!  The garden is getting tidy,  and I am trying to decide what seeds to bring on, and which veg is going in.  I can't get too forward yet - as the purple sprouting is only about to sprout and I still have far too many leeks to get down me!
Its time for the phone to get busy too - Easter is fast approaching - this is one of my favorite times of the year.