Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mid-May 2011

I think May could be perhaps my favorite month.  It is absolutely lovely here.  I know we are desperate for some rain, but the sunshine has done marvels for flowers in the hedgerows and garden.  So let me see if I can show you where I have been and what I have seen this morning.  Although its a bit grey, I was thrilled with my pics!  Here we have so many wild orchids - I think this is the Pyramidal Orchid - whatever it is lovely - and we have loads of them!
So here are my geese this morning - saying that they would like a bit more grass - or even some more clover!  One of them is forever escaping and then standing the wrong side of the fence wondering why he is all alone...  At least I can get him back in easily and quickly!  Very tame.

Our lazy piglets!  They are soooo tired and its such an effort to get up and say good morning!!
Now what is happening - we have lots of ducklings come on to the lake - and disappear, which is rather sad.  There are plenty down the river I see - which perhaps offers more protection.  The lake is awash with beautiful yellow flag iris, red campions and the like.  I always like to find a white campion - which I have done!  Not so common.  I have seen two large grass snakes - which is enough for me!  The birds on the webcam in the dining room have reared 4 chicks - and I think they are going to fledge today - as they keep hopping up to try out the big wide world.  I am going gardening, as its all getting out of control as usual!  The veg site is ok - except the parsnips failed.  The polytunnel is full and we need space.  Is it too soon to put the courgettes out - perhaps...
Well I have loads of pictures which I had thought to put on this page - but it all seems like too much effort!  I will try and be a bit more organized ... what a fantastic year for roses!