Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Autumn Blog

Mid - October - and definitely colder!  There is a gentle mist rising off the lake and swirling up through the valley.  So what is happening in West Dorset now?  We are all getting ready for Halloween - I see that next week Bridport has Halloween Ghost Walks - a must obviously!  There are also Apple and Harvest Day at Kingston Maurward - I may well go to this, as we have several apple trees that we cannot name.  Then it will all be getting ready for firework night.  October has been an amazing month, and even though it is cool this morning I went swimming in the sea at Charmouth on the 2nd.  Its going to be a lovely day today, and hopefully through for the half-term.  The last of the swallows disappeared about the 8th - 10th October.  Always sad to see them go.
So what has been happening here on the farm.
The maize has been foraged, in fact the meadow has been ploughed, and re-seeded and the grass shoots are up.  I am sorry to report that the little pigs have grown and gone - but it was always going to be so.  The ducklings on the lake have grown and just about ready to fly now.  Sadly - mother duck only retained 3 ducklings.  There are a lot of foxes and it is nature's way.  The apple crop has been gathered and the last pressing is going to happen today.  We have 2 barrels with a mix of apple and pear and I am quite looking forward to sampling this, but it wont be ready for months.  The geese are misbehaving quite regularly by either escaping or debarking my apple trees.  I am forever wrapping wire, plastic etc round the trunks - and I am sure they think its for their entertainment....  The lake is still busy and many carp over 20lbs coming out - but I know there are some in there over 30lbs - we wait.
Well, back to work.  I have a houseful of guests, so very fortunate....