Wednesday, 31 August 2011

September 2011

I have really neglected this facility - so will now try and update any reader with what is about to happen in this lovely area.  September is a lovely time of year - even if we have definitely lurched straight into autumn.  Having said that - it has been a lovely hot day today.  So what is about to happen.  This weekend in Bridport we have the Wessex Military Band celebrating 30 years of music making.  Dorchester has its County Show this weekend (2 days).  Over 450 tradestands and 6000 animals!  Next weekend on the 11th there is the Eggardon Kite Festival on Eggardon Hill - an old hill fort just to the north of me.  From the 16th to the 18th there is the Bridport Hat Festival - all must wear a hat!  This is all great fun.  Well that finishes that bit!

Tomorrow evening in Powerstock the cinema is showing Tamara Drew - which was filmed locally;  I have already seen it once, but will go again!

So what has happened here on the Farm.  The gosling has grown to be the same size as the geese.  The piglets are now big boys.  The maize stands about 7 foot high.  The lake has been fishing amazingly well - and I have been promised loads of photos - I am still waiting.

I have had a huge crop of cucumbers, tomatoes are ok and everything else has been keeping me happy.  We have (like everyone else) a lot of apples.  The farmer has made a cider press and we have already about 15 gallons of cider on the go!  This is quite exciting.  Have collected about 2cwt apples today which will get pressed Friday.  Have also picked over 12lb of sloes - some will go for sloe gin and the rest will be made into wine.  It is always such a busy time of year.  I have made 6lb of damson jam and today have made 5lb of raspberry.  The eldest boy is demanding my apple and marrow chutney - which will soon have to be made.  The weather will now improve - just as soon as the kids go back to school, and we should have an Indian Summer. 
Its been quite a cool summer - but quite prolific - 3 hatchings of sparrows in the box, lots of swallows, martins and sand martins dipping in and out of the lake.  Last lot of ducklings - a huddle of 5 - were snuggled up together by the lakeside this evening.  Lots of little bats flitting about.  Large deer on the hill this morning.  All is well.