Saturday, 18 October 2014


Well we've had a bit of rain here!  Following a completely dry September its been raining.  Russ and I have just come back from a little walk across the fields.  He's had a lovely time!  We've had some pheasant poults reared here this year, but their keeper was a little enthusiastic about keeping the grass down outside their pen, and managed to strim a hole (very small) in their enclosure.  Naturally,  all managed to escape!!  Bit like Chicken Run.  The keeper went out and purchased 90 more, and we are blessed with lots of pheasants roaming around. Something for the pup to chase!  But on a different note, last night as we walked round the lake I saw a water vole.  They are surprisingly large!  This is the first year I have ever seen them.  I have robbed a picture from the net to accompany this piece.